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I've Ever Learned (original fiction)

Title:I've Ever Learned
Original fiction snippet.
Notes: I'm watching Moulin Rouge, but this is not a Moulin Rouge fanfic or anything.</b>

'Always, this ridiculous obsession with love!'Collapse )

Secrets. (original snippet)

Section Title: Secrets
Series/Fandom: The as-yet-untitled Sebastian Claves, Charles Carroll, etc series
Rating: PG-13/R (sort of in between?)

A contract with an Agent is a tricky thing. Not so much because of the Agent, however.Collapse )
Little green shoots struggled in the wind, and Neil felt rather odd sitting in the garden, all told.

Time of new life, time of romance and energy and new beginnings: wasn't that right? With Easter being the resurrection and all the old traditions. May Day would be soon with the queen and the dancers and he looked at the portion of mud and grass and little flowers struggling to survive and it seemed so strange. He was living in the north now since the company transfer, for Chrissakes: if this was God's own country, God was right batty. There were cliffs, and moors, and salt, and there always had been. Here, in this land, there had always been this struggle, and this strangeness, and this silence. He did not belong here.

It didn't help that the village was having a festival on May Day.

Already there were whispers in the village: not of organizing it, no, that was shouted and gossiped around plenty. But whispers of old things. Of sitting on ancient rocks, praying for marriage. Of finding wells, or caves, and in those deep dark places telling secret wishes.

Neil had a wish.

It was for him. For love. For someone strong to hold him in the harsh winters, and to wrestle with him in the summers. For firm muscle and soft skin.

But were the whispers even meant for him? They were from another time.

Neil sat in the garden.

He did not notice how tense he was, how much he had clenched his teeth and fists, until he went inside.


Names change, and people change, but emotions are difficult to get rid of.

I hope you are well, and I hope you are writing, and I miss you.


I'm sorry I haven't been paying much attention here: I've been trying to find work. (And not having much luck.)

For those going to US anime conventions: I'm planning on being at Anime Boston, may get shanghaied into going to Portcon in Maine, and definitely am going to Otakon. Panels have already been accepted for Anime Boston, and I should get news on Otakon panels in May. If you're planning to go to any of these conventions, PM me or comment!

Mar. 15th, 2013

Panels confirmed for Anime Boston, both new:

Butterflies and Hurricanes: the Lore and Philosophy of MegaTen/Persona (with a certain Mr Dunbar )

Vixens and Tanuki: Trickster Spirits in Japanese Lore

Working on what I'm planning to submit to Otakon this year also. I may also go to Nekocon and Anime USA later this year as they're easier for me to get to, in which case I have another panel I want to debut if possible (at least for Nekocon).

Pages (crossover gift fic)

Title: Pages
Fandom: Assassin's Creed / Black Butler (crossover crack huzzah)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Subject 16, Eric Slingby

Description: Gift fic for write_rewrite, because her birthday is quite soon, and because this has been on my mind. Gets a bit meta, though, but hey.

Spoilers for Assassin's Creed Revelations/Lost Archive DLC.

Eric Slingby had made a promise, a long time ago, and he was going to keep it.Collapse )


Haha, I've been sick off and on for the past month, and am now dealing with medication adjustment, so my brain's all over the place.

And so you get this piece of - well, whatever this is. ^^


Title: Keep Breathing
Fandom: Assassin's Creed (1 through Revelations, set in current)
Character/Pairing: Clay / Rebecca, Rebecca's POV
Rating: PG-13


I don't want to die.Collapse )


Not updating this as often as I should... also, I'm planning to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at the N3 level. Really nervous.

In any case, have this:

The term 'devil's advocate' is an interesting one. Even the Vatican appoints someone - or tries to appoint someone - to be a 'devil's advocate' when they discuss canonizing saints; this appointed person reviews the evidence and character of the candidate and argues against him or her. The appointed person takes the job, the maledictions, the cursing and insults in the streets, to make sure nothing is missed. It is a necessary job, to make sure, to question, to protect quality and reputation.

I've met saints. I'm not one.

Neither is Charles. Neither is Brenna.

But Charles is a good man, and I want to make sure he stays that way. I don't think even Agents know what the Contract entails; I don't think we know whose service we are in.

Brenna is half-sidhe. The Seelie Court wants her, but a liar knows a fellow liar and she does not want to go. The human world is uncomfortable for her. But I admire her heart, and I can protect her.

I wonder what that makes me.